QCB Appliance Repair Service

Rick Granger believes in and delivers the best customer service on Central Vancouver Island. When Rick comes to your Island home, you will meet a professionally trained service technician who will give you quality service.

He will treat you, your appliance and your home with respect. Rick enjoys working for you and he values your business!

QCB Appliance Installation Service

Installing a major home appliance is not as easy as it first appears. Rick Granger has the training and expertise to make any home appliance installation a snap!

Rick will make sure that all of the manufacture’s installation instructions and parts are used correctly so that your new or used appliance will run smoothly. He can solve any installation problem to make sure that your appliance makes your easier – not more complicated!

Rick can also provide consultation service, old appliance removal and parts replacement for older appliances.

QCB Appliance Repair Service

We all know that our home appliances won’t last forever but we also want to get the most years of service possible. Rick Granger can fix all major home appliances so you can continue to have uninterrupted and trouble free service for many years.

QCB Appliance Maintenance Service

Let Rick help you maintain your home appliances.It has been proven time and time again that an hour of annual maintenance will add years of life to your appliances.

Call Rick today to find out more about the maintenance schedule, operating guidelines that have been recommended by the manufacturer. The savings are there too! Money spent on maintenance will pay dividends many times over.

Our policy is to provide the best service for the best price possible.

Call us on 250-714-6268 and Rick will be there to help!