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  1. Sandy Partyka

    Rick has serviced our appliances for a number of years now and I have always been satisfied with his quick response to my needs. He is knowledgeable, giving me many tips on how to keep my appliances in good working order, and reasonably priced. I wish more Canadians used appliance service rather than throwing out their broken item and buying new. Planned obsolescence is a tragedy. Thanks, Rick!

  2. Dr. Brittany Filipetti Post author

    Dr. Brittany Filipetti

    QCB repair fixes in a hurry! At a massage clinic it is imperative that sheets be washed in a washer that works. Thanks to QCB this was made possible. Within 15 minutes of our appliance breaking down QCB was there. Thank you QCB

  3. Jefferie Scouler Post author

    Jefferie Scouler
    If you are looking for someone to take care of your appliances, I would highly recommend QCB. You want to feel that you will be given an honest and fair assessment when dealing with older appliances. Sometimes, it is a simple repair and sometimes it is not. I feel comfortable recommending QCB Appliance Repair to my family and friends.

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